Cheapest iPhone ever($399) : iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2

Apple's long-rumored entry-level iPhone has finally got some momentum. Although the name is not quite out there yet it is rumored to be the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2, basically a successor to the iPhone 8. Come back of the Home Button might also be seen in this new iPhone which Apple fans missed after the launch of the iPhone X.


- Apple's A-13 Bionic Chip

The new iPhone is highly likely to get the latest processor Apple has to offer which will be a 2 generation update from the previous iPhone 8.


- 64 Gb

- 128 Gb

- 256 Gb

As confirmed by 9to5Mac the new iPhone will have a base variant of 64 Gb. Apple is trying to bump up the base variant which is very surprising to see as Apple was the one who stuck the most with the 16 Gb variants of previous models, a well-appritiated move from Apple.

Colour Options

- White

- Black


Pricing and Availability

- Expected to launch at $399 (Approx 30,000)

As of now, it is rumored to launch at $399 and because of the pandemic going on right now Apple might start taking orders as soon as tomorrow but the shipping might not start till the next year.

Battery Life

The battery life on the new iPhone will most likely be fantastic as seen with the iPhone 11 because of the removal to 3-D touch.

With the launch of this entry-level iPhone Apple is seeming to get more people into its "ecosystem" which is very difficult to leave once someone gets into it.

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