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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

If you are interested in any of the products just touch that name you will be directed to that product.

In such world, everyone wants to have privacy and when you don't want yo get interrupted or disturbed while using the multimedia on your device you surely need earphones,

Now choosing the perfect earphones for you is a very important thing because you are going to use it most of the time, in market earphones are also available for 20,000 rupees but I am sure you are not any music producers so you won't go for that.

Earphones are made up of some drivers, magnets, and wires, the costing depends on the quality of these materials being used in earphones and low-grade quality can affect your health.

So here are my picks which you should consider for buying

RealMe Buds 2 (price- Rs. 599)


· Magnetic buds

· Big Bass drivers

· Renowned brand

· Breaded Cable

MI classic earbuds (price-Rs.399)


· Big Bass drivers

· Renowned brand

Boat Bass heads 152 (price-Rs.499)


· Breaded Cable

Note- It has angled jack wired earphones which is advantageous to some and disadvantages to some (for me it’s a disadvantage)


1. Boat rockers 255 Sports (price-1399 Rs)

2. Realme Buds wireless(price-1799 Rs)

3. MI wireless earphones(price-1599 Rs.

4. Samsung Original Level U(price-2450 Rs.)

5. Sony WI-C310 Wireless(price- 2290 Rs)

These are the options now let just pick the appropriate, but best for you

If you are gamer then just dont see wireless options as it will be just a waste of money, there gonna much delay in getting the audio, in wired ones if you dont have much budget then just go for MI classic it's the best earphone for the price and quality just one thing that you will take some time to get adjusted to its shape because it has very different shape from the usual ones, and if you have the budget of 600 rs then you should go for the realme buds 2, it has 11.2 mm, drivers, the best-producing bass I have ever heard in any earphone till and the best part it has breaded cable which increases the durability and the tranmission of the data through the wire and it has magnetic cup also which will help us to carry the earplugs with us, I know how we tend to carry earphones sometime in a pocket or just keeping it randomly in any bag which is the main cause for the defected earphones so for this price also you are getting a pretty good product, and also the boAt bass head is also pretty nice but I would just say that for 100 rs you should not miss the realme ones.

For the one who just wants to be with earphone at any time, anywhere while doing gym or household chores in short tired of getting a wire in between you, there are 5 options which are the one on which you can put your money but from that also the one which is launched by sony does not have the neckband it's just a wire-like material which is not durable in any means and it's costly too, yaa it would be having great sound quality but the consumers like us can live without that easily so no need to buy that, same goes for that samsung level u one if you have that high end budget thumbs up to you, And according to me the ultimate one for you is realme buds wireless its having magnetic switch which will help you to save the battery and it also have one of the best bass drivers and its pretty comfortable to our ears then here is MI neckband which also quite good but it does not have that magnetic switch so you have to manually turn on and off every time you want ot use it so just keep in mind, The last in the list is boAt rockerz 255 which is not that great but its cheaper than its compitiotors so if you have very tight budget than you should buy that one, one more thing that it has the best design among all but we should not see design while buying earphones.

Note if you are thinking to buy realme wireless buds its battery is present at the right side so while jogging or cycling and in a gym, it just comes to our neck and we have to adjust it frequently and I can live with that with such a good performance.

so bye and we will be coming soon to come with new tech and its value for money aspects till then have positivity

- Ishan Pathak

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