What is the difference between USB and serial scanner?


- USB port has the rate of data transfer  12Mbps for disk drives and 1.5Mbps for the devices that needs less bandwidth.

- In many computers, an additional USB port is found on the front along with two standard USB ports at the back.

- USB port transmit data very fast. So, it is now commonly used by people.

- USB devices can be used across multiple platforms. It works on Windows, Mac and can be used with other operating systems too.

- There is no need to turn off the computer for installing the devices. You can simply plugin and do your work.

- USB ports are user-friendly. Now OTP is supporting Android with a USB pen drive.

Serial Scanner

- A serial port is capable of transmitting only 1 bit at a time with rate of data transfer of about 57kbps.

- A serial port is found at the back of the computer and it is a part of the motherboard.

- Serial port transmits data at a very slow rate. So, serial ports are now rarely used.

- Serial Ports are a part of the motherboards and its functionality depends on its OS drivers but it is not so easy to operate as USB Port.

- In the case of a Serial port, it causes problems in installing the devices if the computer is not turned off.

- Serial ports are not user-friendly as compare to USB Ports.

I hope you were able to understand the difference between a USB and a Serial Port.

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